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Did you know that EarthRite Pest & Weed Control utilizes a multifaceted approach to controlling pests of all shapes and sizes? Different tools and methods work well against different pests. People have been fighting against pests since the dawn of civilization.

We use the latest extermination techniques

Pest control was mainly used to protect crops in ancient civilizations. Professional pest control services have been offered to the public since the late 1800s. Since then, a wide range of pest control products and extermination techniques have been developed. EarthRite Pest Control mandates that it’s staff regularly attends continued education courses to remain at the forefront of only the best pest control methods, techniques, and uses the most effective products available.  

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While there are many viable do-it-yourself extermination products and methods on the market, it's often necessary to call the professionals such as EarthRite Pest & Weed Control to take care of your problem. Control pests BEFORE they infest your property! Preventative pest control measures taken save you time, and money. However, if pests are already present EarthRite Pest & Weed Control will formulate a customized plan to control them in your targeted site.  Get a FREE estimate from EarthRite Pest & Weed Control today!